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About Mivur Remodeling & Construction

After spending 8 years perfecting our craft, our business has spent the last two years turning our customers' dreams into realities. Working with Mivur, you will experience an immensely personal and intimate design experience where your hopes and aspirations are the focal point. Anything you can possibly think of, we can turn into a reality.

A spacious kitchen and dining table

Our Process

Architectural plans


Preconstruction Design

We will sit down with you to brainstorm and discover all that you hope to accomplish with the budget you're hoping to spend.

Analyzing Graphs


Design & Construction Estimate

We will create a personalized estimate that includes all materials and labor, and simply puts the project on paper.


On-Site Consultations

Once we come to a budget agreement, we will work together to create a plan on how to turn your project into a reality. This is where questions will be answered, and next steps will be planned.

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans


The Finishing


This is when we put the labor into the remodel and physically put all the pieces together to create your dream home.

A wood and white kitchen

Create your dream home.

Ask us about your next project today!

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